Bluewire Offers World Class Outsourced IT Support & Management

Enterprise IT Support is Bluewire’s prepaid, hours based, retainer support offering a solution. This offering is a viable solution for any sized business that wishes to partner with a team of IT specialist to:

  • Augment existing IT departments
  • Complete special projects
  • Or perform monthly on site visits to remediate IT issues

How the Enterprise IT Support Solution Works

This package works well for companies interested in retainer schedules based on outsourcing a certain number of purchased hours of service.  Enterprise support ideally works well for larger corporations with an in-house or limited IT staff. Moreover, a mid-sized company or start-up business that has an IT staff and is in need of a reliable IT Support partner can also greatly benefit from Bluewire’s Enterprise IT Support package.

Here’s how Enterprise IT Support works: Clients will buy a block of time to perform IT work, and our technicians will bill against that block of time. Once the block of time is exhausted, hours over the monthly block are billed at a predetermined rate per hour.

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